You say you want an evolution

I wish I could say that I’m always evolving, and that change and uplevelling just happens. But the truth is, evolution is hard “inner work” like deep in our psyche kind of soul searching, and sometimes it only happens when the going gets tough, or different, and it rarely happens in our comfort zone.

This is how I know:

Pre 9/11, I had a j-o-b and only imagined myself doing work that was what you might say is a 9-5, a traditional kind of career. I considered being a doctor, like my parents, or something in the healthcare field, ministry after I received my Masters in Theology, and then consultant as I pursued my Masters in Organizational Development.

Post 9/11 NO ONE WAS HIRING. It was weird, sort of like these current times are weird. Luckily, and I can only say that now looking back, I had pursued a Yoga Teacher Training as a hobby, and had started teaching yoga. Back in those days classes were $8 (and I got $2.50 per person, no minimum). I had started teaching the 6:30am class a couple times per week, and then went to my 9-5 job, and came back to the studio to take a class in the evenings.

I had already started teaching yoga classes and privates when 9/11 happened, and there weren’t as many yoga teachers as there are now, so I was able to take on more rather easily, but they were uncertain times. So that was a lot of yoga to teach to cover my rent! I was also polishing my resume and job hunting in my free time.

At some point I realized that teaching Yoga was my path. I resisted and doubted, but my wish had really come true: I got paid to do what I loved! But it looked nothing like a J.O.B.

That was hard for me at first, and definitely for my parents. Managing cash flow was a challenge because my class attendance fluctuated, not so much week to week, but based on school or religious holidays, vacations, etc. Private clients cancel when they are sick or out of town.

It was truly an evolution for me. A mindset change. A willingness to let go of expectations, my own, my parents, and other people I respect. I let go of what. a job looked like and embraced the opportunity to do work that I love. I did this before yoga teaching became “a thing”.

If someone saw me now, they might think of course teaching yoga makes sense, but it was DEEP WORK! I was unsure this would be sustaining for a long time. I put off my social life, including dating, because I am such an introvert and teaching classes felt like a lot of time with people.

So I can attest that if you are ready for and desiring an evolution, it is a revolution indeed! Get ready to change your mindset to change your life. Arm yourself with courage and tools that will excavate limiting beliefs and build new ways of thinking that are outrageously strong. Get ready for a life that is unrecognizable to your yesterday-self. Get ready ti live into your potential and practice physical poses that allow for stretch, space, and strength. Be grounded and expansive.

This is what I’ve been teaching in my yoga classes, this lived experience of evolution.

This week, you can take my class virtually at Namaskar Chicago via Zoom. Email me for details.

I created a yoga class in 6 parts and watch one or all of those (even just savasana!!) on YouTube available for free. I would love your feedback